GHOSTS: Deluxe Remastered Out Now!! Perfect for Halloween Music!

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NEW Dreamscapes: Best of Glenn Murawski OUT NOW ON BANDCAMP!!!


I create music. It’s my life’s passion. Happy 2021!! ATTENTION: OFFICIAL SITE NOW GMURAWSKI.COM

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NEW ALBUMS/EP’s of 2021!!

Playlist: The Definitive Glenn Murawski (Spotify)

Featured Albums: The Book of G & The Crux of Consciousness

Released January 2021

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By day I work for a living. By night I compose pieces that show a certain side of my consciousness in those moments.

I’ve been at this music thing since 2004. Upgraded my setup last year so I can make higher-quality music. I thank you truly for visiting my site.

My beginnings were in making covers of video game tracks, then I started to make my own compositions. I create because that is what I love to do. My songs range from being peaceful and tranquil, to foreboding and melancholic. I find music to be a soothing outlet for some of life’s emotions.

Featured Track: Tranquil


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Queens, NY

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