Hey folks! So as you’ve noticed I released 2 albums this month, The Crux of Consciousness and The Book of G. Both these titles have very different backgrounds and they sound different as albums.

The Crux of Consciousness was created over the span of 2 months. The songs vary from more Electronic to more Classical/New Age. Several of the tracks are quite expansive and slow moving, building up as they move along.

The Book of G was a personal project created in just 5 days. It chronicles some events/stages of my life as best an instrumental album can do so. Most of the songs could be categorized as electronic, and most of them are pretty tight between 2-3 minutes on average. My entire approach to this album was different, and it was quite spontaneous.

I hope you find something to enjoy from both albums. The Book of G is definitely a more cohesive album, as it was conceived as such. The Crux of Consciousness was kind of pieced together without a particular direction. However both albums have bright spots.

Expect a hiatus from me as I regroup and try to determine where I’m going as a musical artist. I’m not sure when the next album release will be, maybe months from now. Whenever it is, be assured that my approach has been forever changed, and I feel I’m evolving as an artist. So I will only approach my next album as a project, and strive for that cohesiveness I brought about in creating The Book of G.

Stay Well,


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