Today’s Check-in

So if you have been following me, thank you first, and second you may have noticed a recent burst of activity making music (I put out 47 tracks in 2020 – in under 3 months!) Expect a slow-down as my creative juices just aren’t flowing as they were. I will attempt to put out at least 1 EP every 2 months, I believe that is a fair target, but even if I post no more…
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January 2021 Albums Released

Hey folks! So as you’ve noticed I released 2 albums this month, The Crux of Consciousness and The Book of G. Both these titles have very different backgrounds and they sound different as albums. The Crux of Consciousness was created over the span of 2 months. The songs vary from more Electronic to more Classical/New Age. Several of the tracks are quite expansive and slow moving, building up as they move along. The Book of…
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Updated Site

Hey guys, so 2020 was an insane year, and I haven’t been around in awhile so I figured I’d do a site update. I released over 100 tracks in 2020, it has been my most productive year so far. Check out my albums “Peaceful Reflections,” “Dark Contemplations,” and “Lucent Reveries” for highlights of my 2020 work in three different themes. Stay well! -Glenn

Latest developments

Hi all! Just wanted to give you a quick update. I’ve released an album called “The Lone Soldier”, which is a throwback to some of my pre-2008 works, with revamped, remixed and remastered versions. This started out as a single track edit, but then I had the urge to revisit more of my formative works from that time period. Link below The only other project I have running right now is my album “Notes for…
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