by Gmurawski on November 27, 2017.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

I’m drawn to you like a close breath.
Your essence leaves me tinged altogether with hope and despair.
Why do I long for you at times yet sit abash when you come even in an inkling, knocking at my door? I stand upon you at times, transposed, transfixed, and duly regress when there is any substance. A survivor, to partial chagrin, juxtaposed with sincere regret. Oasis credence given to mere mirage, unbeknownst to fate yet somehow incredulous to its cause. If it would somehow suit me, to defect from this quandary and its direction, a pendulum in incessant swing. Capitulation brings the same as one resolve is thwarted by its opposite. The eternal question, recounted endlessly through life’s experiences.

The Castaway

by Gmurawski on November 29, 2017.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Most rank and foul, rank and file led the vessel
Dedicated to those who squander, opportunistic heathens
Perversions of what is rational, just, and expected
Expectations overblown, as the archer might aim it so
Destinations naught, once again all but lost
To emerge as a glutton, no special sauce
Can take away the scars and tarnishes abound
Forsaken, as a castaway ‘gainst his will
Never to seek safe haven but onward he goes
To victory? alas, to shame
To forego the treachery in trade for something grand
Bespoke to him the precious, though not without grit
To gain his triumph he must now be flayed
To build his kingdom, he must lose it all
Broken down, pinned to the wall, sink or swim

A Crack in the Sky

by Gmurawski on November 30, 2017.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

In the cottage, I do away with all my fears
Emboldened I stand, though it is nothing but farce
This is the place where dreams die
Here we suffocate, beyond all our years
What resonates is a cloud, this pollution of self
Scratched out resin, the torment of the damned
Another hit stretches night into day
Gloom of lament darkens the dawn
Beseeching, wretched face does not hold
Vanquished by the same token, drawn into the light
Perfectly irregular, blackened skies, pulled deep into the mist
Dredged through drudgery in many years past, apart from this reality
Behold today, new demons arise, supplanting the hollow, frail heart
Seemingly wanes, to become renewed, yet in different forms
Cannot escape, one ditch subverted, though enters another
The haunted, portrayal of a soul inexorably marred
All the change in the world, yet painstakingly the same


by Gmurawski on December 2, 2017.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Smiling at the abyss
Burns vermilion
Tying into dusk
Fables underhand
Destroys the meek
Hollow solitaire
Denies sword of mercy
Lowly insult, abject it must cease
Lest folly the wicked
For all will be known

A Pox For All

by Gmurawski on December 2, 2017.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Cognition folds, far from equilibrium
The cursed drawl which heeds no name
Elusive, sane, tells the quiet whisper
A pox for all, laid down to pine
Hitherto pale ash is flung
Nary a warlord conquering thrones
Shall meet the daylight unbequest
Fallen kings, though not of repute
Beckon the safety of tattered shrouds
Veiled, to no avail for some
Drunk, consternation comes undone


by Gmurawski on December 3, 2017.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Stands a quivered unkempt maid
whose empty chalice lies underfoot
Darkened lips of cherry vial
make quintessential burden foul
This realm of harlots games of plenty,
never to cease this masked attempt
Fly to their chariots, bade to scour
their lives’ devotion malcontent


by Gmurawski on December 6, 2017.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

There comes a time when rushing streams
Meet their end on outstretched crops
The clatter heard from all obtruse
Defies the senses foregone in lust
Maelstrom it has came to be
Winded piles of ash and dust
Sacred tombs of gutter snakes
Trampled, onward sunset falls
The grips of tangled blight unknown
Shall pass the moment, just ajar
As open doors and unmarked steps
The willow branch comes faded green
Happenstance to raging fires
Light is given, unbeguiled
This too, will pass or so was said
Begone the miles yet ahead


by Gmurawski on December 13, 2017.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

The link has been marred
Suspicions barred
Routinely charred
For a weeping scar
Or a half-lit star
All across the tar
Degraded sense
Betrayed back whence
Humility and recompense
Vile is the caption
Providing no bastion
To a life’s worth, has-been


by Gmurawski on June 24, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

My eyes drop down to the tinted glass
Savored not forgotten bitter past
Foraging the fields for the golden swine
Never again for this will I pine
Throes of deceit as seasons fly
Memories now written as a passerby
The folders and files all tucked away
The night, used to keep demons at bay
Fortune afoot, though not without reproach
Guidance been given, will not encroach
Take heed of the faltering destitute
Scrounging what he can, ever resolute
Benign such things may play out to be
Cut from the trunk, stands the remaining tree
Roots have been overlooked, trifled
Atop the black soil all but stifled
Gardens of mayhem, trite and true
Follows the din of the color blue


by Gmurawski on July 16, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

The faithless observed
At the corner unheard
The trials of abandon
Reckless not, yet ceased
Portrayed a weak covenant
Bygone past its values
Ringed through the ringer
Stale chock full of nothing
Lain back in its wastes
Pale countenance reviled
Never to speak this toothless bite
Benign, so it seems passes to dark
Full circle, split at the core of its design
Days were held in brilliant esteem
Though lost, not forgotten, ill spirits digest
Chewing the wax of the plundered entrails
Begotten by a now distant trust, divided
Granted that fruit was borne of these plantings
And nary a moment gone by unappreciated
Still, the whole is now parted and the tending is scattered
For better, for worse, either – when persuaded
How does one take a life and disaggregate it?
The good, the bad, cannot be bisected
We all live with tarnish and brilliance among us
The here, the now is where my soul rests

Black Cloud

by Gmurawski on July 24, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

All my life there’s been a haunting
Something dire, forever daunting
Without ire, sometimes displaced
Taking me back to utter disgrace
When times are good, when times are bad
Inside the burning cloud, so sad
Bringing me down to troubled fields
Though I cannot connect, and nothing yields
History maimed a shattered soul
Regretless of its lofty goal
To overcome the fear, the din
A constant struggle deep within
The nix of disparaging thoughts, a flood
The answer lies within the blood


by Gmurawski on July 24, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Basking in the seas of eternity
Here I dwealt
Glimpses of sunrise
Hardly felt
But then somewhere among the leagues of infinity
Came onto me a starlit sky
With eyes known but not ventured
A stranger but only by its absence
Was able to shine through and touch my core
Abash I stood, still beneath the clouds
Slowly listening to the far away sounds
A song so beautiful was always there
Above the madness, the fields now bare
This gift that has come into my life
Cascades of illustrious shimmering light
Has brought me to another place
A place I have not been before
The silence is broken, the song now flush
Upon the days of my broken trust
A soul with which I must never part
Has filled a void deep within my heart


by Gmurawski on July 24, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Pit against the pendulum
Sways and sways
Decisions wrought
Over days and days
Brought in with a bone of contention
Deliberate, or liberate
The crux of your affection
Sincere waves of ecstasy
Embattled by intention
Harkens to the day
Another sun sets
Pinion not
Lest we regret
The space inside can hide not many
Arguments held far to the contrary
To do this justice, to start anew
Begins with me and ends with you


by Gmurawski on July 24, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Inner demons sit at a table
Inside a pocket of flesh
Talking about secrets unknown prior
Willing the soul chained to mire
Can this be happening?
Changes are expectant
The season of fire beheld
Rising above, the demons fray
The soul gets closer to the surface, emergent
Chains still tied, yet loose
Revenants of the past refuse to yield
The soul is stronger, painstakingly fighting
Squeezing out of the scalp, hidden for decades
Awakened, blazing through the pall
For the first time ignited
Battling on, can it escape?
In flux, but hope is there
This is not my cross to bear


by Gmurawski on July 30, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

In the blink of an eye
What was void is now promising
A once dull candor brought brilliantly into view

Sailing seas with no siren
A venture unbeknownst before
Righteous in heart, never wavering

A story unfolds quicker than the end
Pages demystified by a sparkling aura
Bringing light to the dark, making whole which was downtrodden

Time spent but not wasted
Swallowed down pills of discontent
Making way for new inroads to the spirit

A constant flurry of emotion
Turmoil offset by the enlightening glory
A permanence revealed

Twas the keeper of the ever-burning
Majestic in its own being
Birthrights now restored

Sentience quiet yet empathic
Flames only spoken of in lore
Beseeching humility, a light ascertained

Beneath the shells of inexorable pain
A dance has begun
One that will endure the waves of time

Happenstance it may be
But changes the perception
Of a lifetime of suffering

To make this promise
To take this leap of faith
Means everything in the world


by Gmurawski on October 17, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

The stars realigned
Upon oceans wide
Fate tempts the day
Washing anger away
Tides of insecurities felt
Harkened upon when knelt
Free mind and spirit of old
Kindled by the sevenfold
Brought out into the light
Terrors awakened in the midst of night
But my glowing, shining beacon of faith
Shall subsume any inkling of doubt
With her bold, yet generous smile
Eyes open wide, awaiting for the calm
Keeping my love in my mind at all times

A Prayer of Peace

by Gmurawski on October 17, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Lord, you have blessed me with so many gifts
The fact that I am still here, able to attain a decent future
The chance at redemption after engaging every deadly sin
I am humbled by your mercy
Forever indebted to your good graces
A wonderment and joy in my life
I am aware of your presence in my every moment
It is you that gives me strength
The will to carry on
A bright, beautiful spirit in my life
Love beyond measure
Hope for the future
Opportunity to offer blessings to the world
For all is a choice to be made
Every moment, every fleeting step
Is made possible by your guiding hand
I could not ask for anything better in my life
You are everything, the Alpha and Omega
I do not question your role in my life
There is nothing Earthly that compares
To the light you bring to my heart and soul
Thank you, O Lord
For your countenance, I shall be forever grateful

Beast of burden

by Gmurawski on October 26, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Love in the garden, beneath the tempest
A glow so bright burning inside
Calm waves chill the flames of the ever-changing
Beasts of burden laid to rest among the dull quandary
Scales of serpentine bestowed unbegotten
Mist of the ages quells the cusp of uncertainty
Transformation now complete
Of one exit enters a world anew
Savagery young yet long forgotten
Upon shores of a once distant island
Comes to be circumscribed
Once lost, yet now found
A meaning and purpose in life
Truth was the path frought with anxiety
Now he walks among the living, now alive
Couldn’t have asked for a better cause
To be good, on his own accord


by Gmurawski on October 29, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Barren woods caught in a brushfire
Plank full of nails scraped across the still concrete
Tarnished chalice of wisdom
Frayed ends of a burnt rope
Garnish the scraps with bitter toils
Mace brought to be endearing
Thorns adorned the weak willed facade
Charred renderings with smoke adrift
Peace somewhere inside but governed
Caged rabbits poke at the steel irons
Darkness plummeted but merely a guise
Uncontrollable malady
Peaks and valleys misconstrued
Ephemeral ghosts of yesteryear
Mass submission’s obsolescence
Quite erroneous in his wake
Cannot seem to meet the day
Weathering storms of disillusionment
Seemingly undoable trust is broken
Time shall bring this candle alight
So it has been, and so it seems
The end cannot come quite as quickly
As changes non-solidified
Doubt of self the only clarity
A lonesome road when all goes awry
Two sides to the same coin,
Six sides to the same die
In the end revelry will triumph


by Gmurawski on November 7, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Bliss followed by contention
Contention beget Bliss
The Ebb and Flow of Life
Peaks and Valleys on a continuum
Shades of Colors meld into one
Sunrise slowly into Sunset then back again
Fluidity the mainstay of Emotion
Be not beguiled by the Trenches
Forever in an array of Consonance and Dissonance
Vast seas of untold Fortune and Misery
Hope shall guide us Through
Be one with yourself and any storm can be weathered


by Gmurawski on November 28, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

The mysteries of life unfurl
Yet trepidation insists
The mirror realm faceted beyond dimensions
Quiet asunder taken contemplative stances
Forgotten not but in its own rite
Beholden fractured aspects of being
A forest echo, silent yet the wind
Locked away reflections taken aback
Dwindled precipice of higher resolve
Fortitude mentions one but not wary
Falling to throes of self
Wake of battered innards, internalized
Crystallized to dusk, dust now fallen
Happenstance that truths play out
Unveiled piece by piece, the whole looms
Regret once ignored, now salient
Patterns of past not sure to follow
However beseeched in the dying plane
Lore of machinations inscribed on the mind
Although nary a wandering soul shall rest
The future dawns each day, to all
The past, must not be enthralled
Learning, assimilate or recapitulate
Brush off the ash with newfound vigor
The seams burst off with no aesthetic glow
Must remember, no longer a stranger to thyself
Every tree must endure the seasons
Every leaf grows once again.


by Gmurawski on December 17, 2019.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Obstacles intertwined
Behold the unsolved mind
Candles burn never dim
Placed beyond hollow skin
Fruit of the ages might
Link us back to flickering light
Sold a sour stance
Blueprints built on only chance
Crumbling facades at ego’s bay
Capitulate like night and day
Does this schema even hold water?
Two sons and a daughter
Fasten to gray, a landslide
Nothing to bear, nothing to hide
Chock to manic inner states
And lulls, seemingly never abate
Does thou know thyself?
Take another book from the shelf
The pages within are already written
The life you mislead has already been bitten
Time does not wane, nor does it ebb
Trials demystified, caught in this web
Rendering every move obsolete
Scavenger, roaming the earth with bare feet
Perplexed yet clarity seems amiss
From daytime strife and nighttime bliss
Fortune unknown, perilous to muster
Greener the grass, albeit lackluster
Fallen chariots scorch the pale sky
Never to wither, nor freeze in a lie
Compensatory recompense
Compulsory lack of sense
Obligatory construals
Make ever winter annual


by Gmurawski on January 9, 2020.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Sometimes slithers the snake
Reptilian, cold as ice
Straight up my spine into my cranium
Wind chill factoring in
Cold desolate plane within
Cannot fever the pitch
Black singing soul’s abyss
I don’t need, nor do I want
Expendable stratospheric
Pall over vapid green lakes
Apathetic yet copacetic
Why one cannot have a qualm
Or iota of love, or pain
Numb to the world
Yet this all comes to pass


by Gmurawski on January 22, 2020.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Brilliance in it’s opposition
Breaking down the gates of inner-sanctum
Knowing as if atoned beyond yonder
Masked in my contempt
Shrill echoes of disdain
Siphoned into view by deep cathartic swells
Renewed in this retrospect
Aglow as a waning moon waxed once again
Love beget this dull, tarnished sphere
Made to appear as a shade among the luminous
Forgotten trials and voices sang but never heard
Eclipsed in my mind’s eye, from a soul’s caress
Clothing can be easily changed but armor must be taken down piece by piece
The armor of the skin, is easily pricked and prodded
Splinters lie deep below surfaces, still intact
Drawing out one by one, the cuts go deep
One day all will be healed, through no panacea of ducks
By my side, a being timeless in her beauty inside and out
Her vantage point quick and unrelenting
Is the only cure I’ll ever need.


by Gmurawski on February 27, 2020.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Battled through inner hell
And left others in its wake
Bearing the black mark
Hastens decisiveness
No need to multiply
To imdemnify this further
Retrograde antics dispelled
Once aflight, now grounded
However happenstance pillars fall
The race to armageddon
The fall of one
But as a rock sends ripples through the pond
Appear shockwaves and torrents to microbes
The beast is hungry, deep inside
Fodder just renounced
Lay waste to bitter ends and new beginnings
To simplify, not to make haste
To find the one in me, and turn screws to canon
For I is all I truly have
The truth is bare, the needle kept
By the long shores of the netherworld
Shall I stand to my death


by Gmurawski on March 2, 2020.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

What words would you say
If no one can listen?
What heart bleeds today
If there are no organs to pump blood to?
Fractured, fictitious desires
Planted in the greenhouse mind
What retribution can be enacted
When the enemy is not even alive?
Feathered spirits, all caught up in the tar
Frail-boned mockingbirds answer the call
Hijinks or hostel calleth the wind
To be named for the glory of the sake of it
Posits a withered bane
Visiting graves where stones are weathered
What ills have thou found that are not yet forsaken?
Does a book long to be read?
No, ’tis inanimate
Not a soul, not a brain nor essence of being
Yet filled with ideas, however futile
This page does not want to be turned in bitter hindsight


by Gmurawski on March 27, 2020.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Poison in my brain
Rots all moral fortitude
Turning the other cheek
Not a fathom in the break
Beware the sullen grasp
Of clouds precipitating dismay
Somewhat traveled once before
But at night invokes the pangs
Silent quarrel hitherto
Be as it may lust did commence
Provokes the inner soul
Overjoyed then overcast
To inflict damage on the interloper
Revenge as sweet as pie
To this end one would betray
Wrangling the falsetto chimes
A resonance so deep
Bewilders the mind
Once the dawning comes
These spirits will be gone
To a throne never claimed
Fallacious malcontented
Illusory wisdom doth speak
At a moment’s notice twas harkened
Not a traveler’s respite
If only I could plunge the knife so deep
To lay these demons to rest


by Gmurawski on May 5, 2020.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

The world stands on the edge of a needle
Tightrope walking through a life with no net
Quandaries abound, prickling frayed edges
Age rendered asunder as it so commences
Quiet never won the prize, left behind its worldly entrails
Common seed tears through the ripples
Of ocean wide, behold the aeons
Languishing still amongst the many
Tales foretold on skulls long forgotten
Lividity vanquished in forest of famine
Toll has been paid, as the river crossed
Decadence remains, antecedent exposed
Fragments of decay litter the temples
A Godsend to behold, nay, antithesis
Resplendent values pursued
Masks the interminable
Beyond those black gates
Lies true wisdom

Never Was

by Gmurawski on June 28, 2020.  © Glenn Murawski, All rights reserved

Disaster of desire
Malady misshapen
Normalcy begot licentiousness
Diamond in the rough
Forever clean cut
Fraught with fire
Forsaken lot
Crumbled atrophy
Thoughts by design
Away, die is cast
Broken molds
Awakened by the causeway
Daily struggle
High on hope
Consciousness abandoned
Unconscious all the same